Best Bullet Smokers Australia 2021

On the hunt for a bullet smoker but unsure which one to get?

I have narrowed down the options to three of the big players and the considerations to find the right smoker for you.


1. What is a Bullet smoker

2. Weber Smokey Mountain (WSM)

3. ProQ

4. Matador Catalyst

5. Conclusion  


What is a Bullet smoker?

Bullet smokers also known as water smokers, vertical smokers and upright smokers generally have a charcoal basket on the bottom, water pan above and one to two cooking racks above that. They are comprised of 2 - 4 segments giving them the ability and flexibility to grill, smoke, roast and more. Running on charcoal lump or briquettes and using wood chips or chunks for smoke.

Weber Smokey Mountain (WSM)


(Image) from the left 57cm & 47cm

cost: $399 - $999 AUD

The WSM comes in three different sizes 37cm, 47cm and 57cm with the 47cm at the price point $749 being the most versatile for cooking surface, portability and home use.

pros: Weber has some of the best customer service you can hope for, so if you have any issues (though unlikely) they are fantastic to deal with. The large access door on the WSM is handy to access the lower grate without taking segments apart.

cons: The price is the biggest factor here with the most popular size being the 47cm model at $749.

conclusion: If it's in your budget these are solid options and there's a huge online community with loads of tips and tricks from those loyal to the WSM.

Where to buy one: BCF, Mitre 10, Independent Weber Dealers

Where to learn more:



(Image) ProQ Frontier

cost: $289 - $699 AUD

The ProQ has three models with the base model having a primary cooking area of 43cm and chrome plated steel grates. The other two models have 48cm cooking area with stainless steel grates and silicone grips to protect against burns among other handy features.

pros: Very affordable base model and plenty of accessories such as the rotisserie attachment.  

cons: The frontier model though affordable does require you to have some heat resistant protection to avoid burns when handling the clips and locking handles or very quick hands.

conclusion: If it's in you budget it is definitely worth getting the mid range model for some of the extra quality of life features.

Where to buy one: Barbecues Galore

Where to learn more:


Matador Catalyst

(Image) from left catalyst pro & catalyst

cost: $238 - $399 AUD

The Matador Catalyst has two models both boasting 40cm cooking surface with the Pro offering saleable holes for temperature fan control units.

pros: Compared to its rivals the catalyst has the cheapest entry price to get you smoking without saving up a whole lot. The Pro version comes with better cooking grates, two charcoal baskets for more versatility and larger access door to name some of its features.

cons: The build quality on some doesn't seem as clean as it's competitors however majority do are comparable. The Pro models has wheels but this makes it for an awkward height and seems unnecessary, otherwise it is still an awesome unit.

conclusion: Though the cheapest, I personally didn't like some of the details and feel of the base model. I also disliked the wheels on the Pro model but the other accessories and features where pretty neat if a couple of them where frequently used options for you.

Where to buy one: Bunnings

Where to learn more:



I personally have two of the ProQ Frontier which I got on sale for $239 each, however I'm using multiple units for our BBQ Classes so the one for you may be different. To be honest all the options are really and its really going to come down which features suit your needs and your budget. I consider Bullet Smoker an excellent entry point into smoking, however don't let this deter you if you already have a different smoker, I still use one even with an assortment of other smokers.

Best Budget: The The ProQ Frontier

Best Quality: Weber Smokey Mountain

Best Value: ProQ Frontier Elite V4